Raison D’être

Blume is in the ‘business of financing change’. We like to work with founders who are pathologically obsessed about solving a particular problem – as a 26-year old once quoted – “ideas are passé, one simply needs to invest in great people – the rewards will come”. Our role is to take risks on the business model well before anyone thinks it’s “hot”. We believe money alone is, and will continue to be, undifferentiated; the investment team and the ecosystem provided by Blume are our raison d’être for the entrepreneur, and his/her eventual choice of partnering with Blume.

Culture is never standardized and one of the hardest things to accomplish in the early years. We are certain capital is a necessary but insufficient ingredient in this journey – we are not simply “investors” but the founding team’s “partners” – from the very first meeting to an eventual exit – whatever that exit outcome maybe. Our founders value our transparency, maturity and approachability. Reimagining start up financing in India, we’re entrepreneurs at heart, building an institution, helping evolve the early-stage ecosystem – we’re in for the long haul and see our journey as far out as 2035.


Our Community Inspires Us

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When You Grow We Grow

  • Threadsol


    Starting up, we could not have asked for better friends than Blume. Whilst we are free to run the organization without any intrusive interference...

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  • Nowfloats


    Blume is a Founders' VC. They know the stage they invest in is the green-shoots stage, and give the TLC required for these shoots to become saplings...

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  • Webengage


    The DNA and ethos of Blume revolves around ``get things done``. It shows in all aspects of their functions - from writing the cheque to helping companies overcome...

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  • Belong


    Karthik and Sanjay are more entrepreneurs than investors. They are the neutrals in any conversation we have.

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  • Instamojo


    Blume has given us amazing support along our journey. They have been a great sounding-board from early days till date, starting from ideating to helping us shape our ...

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  • CCS


    Team at Blume Ventures has been our strong supporter and great sounding board since day 1.

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