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We are a seed-stage venture fund that backs startups with both funding as well as active mentoring and support. Our journey began in 2010 with our founding partners having met and being active in one of India’s first institutional angel networks, the Mumbai Angels.  Currently on our second Fund, we back startups through multiple rounds including seed, angel and pre Series A, leading up to follow-on institutional rounds from larger reputed VCs.  We have almost consistently been the most active early stage Indian VC since 2011, funding more than 20 companies per year. Our portfolio consists of more than 60 active companies and we count over 120 high-potential founders.

A core tenet of our philosophy – capital is only a starting point, just one ingredient in a startup’s long journey.  Many of our portfolio companies describe us as the “founder’s VC”, where we are close partners from the very first meeting through the eventual exit.  Our founders value our transparency, approachability and deep networks.  The desire to re-imagine start up financing has always been at our core – we’re entrepreneurs at heart, aiming to build a long-lasting institution amidst the constantly evolving startup ecosystem.

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Blume Ventures  @blumeventures
RT @avinashdsouza:You could say they're being opportunistic but that really isn't the cut of their jib. It's a real thing. Which is rare in VC Landia. 
Blume Ventures  @blumeventures
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Blume Ventures  @blumeventures
RT @avinashdsouza:It's a terrible situation but it warms the heart to see @BlumeVentures consistently make the effort to place people who've lost their jobs. 
Blume Ventures  @blumeventures
RT @Klassic73:@BlumeVentures @BKartRed my go big or go home and star wars tees need exit velocity 

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Blume Venture Advisors Pvt Ltd

Unit No 4, Jetha Compound, Opp Nirmal Park,

Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027

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